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So glad to have found the Sue Revell podcast- Women on a Mission. As a Woman on her own mission, I will be drinking in these over the coming weeks. Her lovely gentle manner and gorgeous voice draw you in and she is so so wise. Thankyou Sue!

Women on a mission series with Sue REVELL

The second you press play and hear Sue’s dulcet, soothing voice you are transformed into a state of calmness yet addictive listening where you hear her every word with a sense of increased sensitivity. This enables you to transport yourself to the place you need to be, in a virtual sense, to learn from the wonderful women that Sue is interviewing. Some are magical, energetic, vibrant whilst others express a sense wisdom and experience only living a full career can possibly create. But every podcast gives me a sense of connection of reinvigoration again with women I feel I come to know and admire. If you are seeking a sense of belonging, looking for your tribe because you just can’t find it in the real world then Women on a Mission is a club to join. Take yourself on a journey with a cup of coffee each week, you deserve it and who knows you just might hear what you need to hear, when you need to hear it! I know I feel that every time I’d listen in, like I was meant to hear this guest this week :) To all potential listeners, press play and find a few minutes to find yourself. To my wonderful friend Sue (I wonder if everyone considers you to be there wonderful friend?) keep finding these amazing women, keep doing your thing, you are having a wider impact than you could ever possibly know x

The transformation of vulnerability

Loved the episode from Jess Baker, as I thought her vulnerability was just so authentic and felt privileged to have the at insight into her background / limiting beliefs and childhood psychologist etc… I felt the admission of the mission being unknown in some ways quite refreshing, as it’s about giving yourself permission too. I learned more about just allowing yourself to be, rather than to do - I’m trying to focus on the being and not only doing!!!

Permission to BE me!

First of all, who doesn’t want to spend every day listening to Sue’s beautiful voice? Secondly, who doesn’t want to hear her words of wisdom?! Encouraging, challenging, inspiring …. A podcast that inspires you to BE your best … keeping it real AND reaching for the stars!

Punchy inspiration to while away a commute

I met Sue virtually on an NLP workshop and had a 5 minute conversation with her. From that short interaction I felt Sue was one of those rare people who make an instant impact, a luminary with experience and expertise from which I could learn. I discovered her podcast shortly after and tuned in to episode after episode during my commute to work. I loved the variety of guests and the powerful messages behind each episode. The punchy episodes are perfect to fit into a busy schedule. I look forward to more episodes and even to re listening to those which really strike a chord with me.

A joy to listen to

Sue’s interviewing tone, questions and pace make great listening. I really enjoyed the episode with Dr Emma Yhnell, inspiring me to be bold in science communicating and other aspects of my life. I’m looking forward to listening to other WOAM episodes to learn from people across different careers to me as well.

Interesting , entertaining and inspiring

As the owner of a business, this podcast has quickly become my go to listen to keep me focused, on track and motivated - especially when the feeling of loneliness and overwhelming hits. Hearing Sue and her guests is like having coffee with friends who just get you! Happy Podcast Birthday Sue and here’s to many more episodes!

A real treat 💙

One whole year of brilliant episodes (happy birthday!). Sue takes us on a gentle journey as she invites some brilliant women to share their ‘why’. It might just help you find or rediscover yours.

Unusual questions, great connections

This is without a doubt one of the best podcasts I’ve listened to yet. Not only a mix of fascinating guests, but Sue’s melodious tones make for very easy listening. That combined with a genuine interest and therefore unexpected questions to guests make this one of the top podcasts yet.

Loving it

Great listening experience from the Smokey jazz, the Smokey voice and the insightful conversations…give your ears a treat!

Being 10%Braver

I loved Sue’s comments on our conversation and the episode the follows each conversation is a brilliant idea and sets the Women on a Mission podcast apart from others.

An amazing Season 3

Thank you Sue I’ve really enjoyed listening to Season 3 and loved listening to you and your amazing guests. You are an super host with the most fantastic voice and interviewing style. I look forward to Season 4.

Food for thought

I always find something thought provoking and inspirational in these podcasts. Amazing women with inspirational stories to share. Sue’s fantastic voice and interviewing style brings something really special to these interviews. I look forward to the next season with anticipation. I also enjoy going back to previous episodes where I always pick up something I missed before. Just a great podcast, well worth listening too.

Inspirational and Insightful

I always get something from listening to a Women on a Mission podcast episode. Sue interviews her guests so naturally I will often lose track of time listening to them! A must listen for anyone looking to hear stores from inspiring women. I particularly loved episode 27 with Tara Newman - breaking down the barriers and stories we have around money - lots of aha moments for me!

Women on a Mission…all episodes

I have listened to many of these podcasts and they are truly inspirational. I wish I’d had the opportunity to hear these earlier in my career…I’m sure, well, I’m certain, that I would have done a lot of things differently and been a lot bolder and had more confidence and belief in myself in following my mission. Comments such as ‘a mission is a thing that one just cannot not do’, ‘those precious heartbeats’, ‘don’t wait to get permission’, and many many others too numerous to quote here, etc., are exactly what we women should all be aspiring to……Sue has been a good friend for many years and she has that ability to be an amazingly talented interviewer, putting all guests immediately at ease and getting straight to the nuts and bolts in a way that flows so well to the listener. I do hope these podcasts get out there to all those women, young and old, who are the go-getters of now and in the future….it is never too late to change one’s ambitions and reach for the sky…….well done, Sue…you are amazing and an honour to know you……

Beautifully engaging

Listened to episode 13 and the natural warmth between interviewer and interviewee instantly engaged me. Sue enables her guest to flow in sharing their story and ideas using gentle prompts and natural curiosity, at the same time maintaining a golden thread so that the conversation can conclude feeling whole. A joy to listen in on the conversation and inspiring to hear about Ann’s hero journey, whilst still in progress.

Such a good listen

These really pull you in. I find these women very inspiring, and Sue is a great interviewer.

A triumph of a podcast!

This is a podcast with a really interesting theme, great guests and an unusual format. Above all, it's made special by Sue’s nuanced commentary and lovely voice. Highly recommend a listen!

Superb insights!

Deep enchanting voice sharing insights relevant to all entrepreneurs. A must listen!

Velvety voice and deep wisdom

I could listen to Sue’s voice all day. This podcast is a really lovely listen - equal parts inspiring and thought provoking. Highly recommend

Fabulous reflections

I loved listening to Episode 7 - what a fascinating guest. She has, in her words, a "billionaire heart". I love the reflections too. What a fabulous concept, Sue. When will it be my turn to be interviewed?

Essential listening for the heart, mind and soul

I love this podcast. Sue’s interviews, insights and reflections gently yet profoundly invite us to explore within to reveal the truest way to live our greatest mission.


I love these podcasts! The easy camaraderie between Sue and her guests, and the way she coaxes out those little nuggets of wisdom which stay with you; it’s like they’re your friends too. I am already feeling motivated to make some changes and I’ve not heard them all yet. I can’t wait to see where these amazing chats inspire me to go next! Keep them coming please!!

Something for everyone

This series was thoroughly enjoyable. They provide so many insights and reflections, many of which have been popping into my head days later, which I hadn’t expected.

Should come with a health warning for inspiring you to LEAD YOUR MISSION

If you are looking for conversations with deep insights to inspire you or uplift you. Then look no futher than this podcast. Sue’s voice could instill a new belief or shift your own attention to how you could lead your own mission. Should come with a health warning because it inspires CHANGE.

Essential listening if you’re a woman on a mission, and great even if you aren’t!

Even just a few episodes in, I’m struck by Sue’s empathy with her guests, the challenges they’ve faced, and how they have (or continue to) overcome them. These relaxed, honest, authentic chats remind us what’s possible for us whether you are a woman on a mission, or not (like me). The “reflections” episodes provide a handy, brief summary of Sue’s thoughts about her guest’s experiences, and it’s something I wish more podcasts would do. They really help you get the most out of each interview. Really excited to see how this series develops.

Golden Mission

I have been following Sue’s podcast from the beginning and was inspired immediately. It also prompted me to signbup to the Quest79 with my own quest. So very grateful 🙏🏼❤️

Refreshing, inspirational, funny and real.

Listened to episode one on my walk to work this morning. Some key take aways that I’ll be reflecting on. You have to make the decision to just lead. Habits are so important, and I’ll definitely be thinking about how I can incorporate my ability to streak into more aspects of life. Really enjoyed. Thank you ❤️

Goosebumps, laughter and tears.

Just listened to the fist episode and I had goosebumps at 10mins in, I was laughing out loud about 14mins in and then I felt like crying (in a good way) a short while later … that bird quote really struck a nerve and is so true for me and a lot of other women on a mission. Thank you so much for producing such powerful content. Can’t wait until the next episode. Brilliant!