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I have listened to many of these podcasts and they are truly inspirational. I wish I’d had the opportunity to hear these earlier in my career…I’m sure, well, I’m certain, that I would have done a lot of things differently and been a lot bolder and had more confidence and belief in myself in following my mission.
Comments such as ‘a mission is a thing that one just cannot not do’, ‘those precious heartbeats’, ‘don’t wait to get permission’, and many many others too numerous to quote here, etc., are exactly what we women should all be aspiring to……Sue has been a good friend for many years and she has that ability to be an amazingly talented interviewer, putting all guests immediately at ease and getting straight to the nuts and bolts in a way that flows so well to the listener. I do hope these podcasts get out there to all those women, young and old, who are the go-getters of now and in the future….it is never too late to change one’s ambitions and reach for the sky…….well done, Sue…you are amazing and an honour to know you……

Nov. 13, 2021 by tennis friend.... on Apple Podcasts

Women on a Mission with Sue Revell