Women on a Mission with Sue Revell

Women on a mission series with Sue REVELL

The second you press play and hear Sue’s dulcet, soothing voice you are transformed into a state of calmness yet addictive listening where you hear her every word with a sense of increased sensitivity. This enables you to transport yourself to the place you need to be, in a virtual sense, to learn from the wonderful women that Sue is interviewing. Some are magical, energetic, vibrant whilst others express a sense wisdom and experience only living a full career can possibly create. But every podcast gives me a sense of connection of reinvigoration again with women I feel I come to know and admire.

If you are seeking a sense of belonging, looking for your tribe because you just can’t find it in the real world then Women on a Mission is a club to join. Take yourself on a journey with a cup of coffee each week, you deserve it and who knows you just might hear what you need to hear, when you need to hear it! I know I feel that every time I’d listen in, like I was meant to hear this guest this week :)

To all potential listeners, press play and find a few minutes to find yourself.
To my wonderful friend Sue (I wonder if everyone considers you to be there wonderful friend?) keep finding these amazing women, keep doing your thing, you are having a wider impact than you could ever possibly know x

Feb. 21, 2023 by Paula Timms on Apple Podcasts

Women on a Mission with Sue Revell