Runner Up: Listener's Choice Award, Podcasting for Business Awards 2022
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Helen Bullen

Small Business Mentor

Helen Bullen works with business owners who want to learn how to commit to anything they want to achieve. Helen helps small business owners build a better life and business using her core Commit to Achieve Principles.

 Helen is a successful entrepreneur with experience in both bricks and mortar and online businesses.  Her experience of building her own businesses from scratch means she has first-hand knowledge of how to build and run a business successfully.  She is known for her honest, straight-talking style of mentoring, kindly blunt advice, zero excuses and a tonne of positive motivation.

Helen is an award-winning author with her book “I’ve got your back – the essential guide to building your therapy business”, she runs a business mentoring group called HBClub and her Mastermind HBInspired.  She runs retreats in the UK and in Thailand. Helen has a weekly podcast called “Kindly Blunt” where she shares tips and advice in her own straight-talking way.

Helen helps business owners commit to take the action they need to take, to get the success they want.  All her work is underpinned by her Commit to Achieve Principles.   “You really can achieve anything when you learn to commit” is her philosophy. 

Helen’s Commit to Achieve Principles to build a better life and business

Care of Self
Know your why
Release limiting beliefs
Understand how
Take effective action

Author of “I’ve got your back” the essential guide to marketing your therapy business

Podcast: Kindly Blunt -