Runner Up: Listener's Choice Award, Podcasting for Business Awards 2022
Nov. 21, 2021

Episode 15: Being True - The Season One Heartbeats

Episode 15: Being True - The Season One Heartbeats

Season Finale: What we learned about truth.

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If there's one thing the Women on a Mission in Season One have in common, it's that 'the thing they can't not do' involves being true to who they are.  Each guest revealed their own unique perspective and experience of being a woman on a mission, and almost without exception talked of the importance of speaking truth, being authentic, and being true to the calling of your heart. 

As I look back over the season, there really was something for everyone:

  • Alison Jones on leadership and deciding to lead;
  • Dr Karen Darke MBE on finding our inner gold;
  • Julie Owen-Moylan on not needing permission from our inner committee;
  • Allison Crow on why more isn't better;
  • Helen Bullen on cutting out the noise;
  • Aimee Bateman on breaking free from judgement; and 
  • Ann Skinner on letting our heart lead the way.

In the sharing of our stories and experiences, we encourage other women on a mission to do and be more when all is going well, and we inspire others in those moments where we simply need to keep going too. 

GIFT TO DOWNLOAD: As a thank you for joining me during Season One, I have commissioned a Sketchnote summary of some of the key learnings my guests have shared.  Do download your own copy here: Heartbeats Sketchnote - Season One

Ann SkinnerProfile Photo

Ann Skinner

Founder - The Heartworker's Way

Ann Skinner, aka Ann The Heartworker, is a coach and creative, helping you open your heart and live a life with more compassion, creativity and courage. She is the founder of The Heartworker’s Way and the creator of Annie and Eva.

Apart from her work as a life coach and teacher, Ann also works as a doodle artist and visual storyteller. She is the published author/illustrator of The Art of Contribution and Annie and Eva Love Devon.

Although Ann has worked as a change facilitator since 2007, she only found her creative powers by accident in 2016. It was the missing link that helped her realign to her heart centre and revolutionised her life and work. Ann now combines her superpowers as a coach and creative through a unique process called The Heartworker’s Way. The process shares both her wisdom and passion for doodling as a heart and mind expanding creative tool for wellbeing, empowerment and growth.

Ann has worked with people from all over the world. Her clients are caring and generous souls who have often spent their lives being there for others, but have forgotten to extend that courtesy to themselves, resulting in feeling depleted and lost. Ann’s work offers a creative and loving space for her clients to heal and come home to themselves, helping them create sustainable change, from the inside out.

Aimee BatemanProfile Photo

Aimee Bateman

Founder & CEO - Careercake

As a successful corporate recruiter, Aimee realised that a lot of talented people were struggling to communicate their value. She bought a cheap camera on eBay and began making career advice videos for her YouTube channel from her kitchen.

The success of the videos led to her founding - an award-winning video careers platform powering users to rise to, take on and beat the challenges they’ll face in their career.

Since establishing Careercake, Aimee has created a following in the careers industry by building a global community of young professionals who use Careercake and the advice Aimee provides to develop the confidence they need. They are drawn to her authentic straight talking approach that ensures everyone feels seen, heard and valued.

Helen BullenProfile Photo

Helen Bullen

Small Business Mentor

Helen Bullen works with business owners who want to learn how to commit to anything they want to achieve. Helen helps small business owners build a better life and business using her core Commit to Achieve Principles.

 Helen is a successful entrepreneur with experience in both bricks and mortar and online businesses.  Her experience of building her own businesses from scratch means she has first-hand knowledge of how to build and run a business successfully.  She is known for her honest, straight-talking style of mentoring, kindly blunt advice, zero excuses and a tonne of positive motivation.

Helen is an award-winning author with her book “I’ve got your back – the essential guide to building your therapy business”, she runs a business mentoring group called HBClub and her Mastermind HBInspired.  She runs retreats in the UK and in Thailand. Helen has a weekly podcast called “Kindly Blunt” where she shares tips and advice in her own straight-talking way.

Helen helps business owners commit to take the action they need to take, to get the success they want.  All her work is underpinned by her Commit to Achieve Principles.   “You really can achieve anything when you learn to commit” is her philosophy. 

Helen’s Commit to Achieve Principles to build a better life and business

Care of Self
Know your why
Release limiting beliefs
Understand how
Take effective action

Author of “I’ve got your back” the essential guide to marketing your therapy business

Podcast: Kindly Blunt -

Allison CrowProfile Photo

Allison Crow

Life & Self Leadership Coach

Allison Crow, M.Ed, is a Life and Self-Leadership coach for authentic and ambitious women. She has been teaching, speaking, and coaching in one form or another since the mid-90s.

For years, she was a hard-lined performance and sales coach motivated by outside forces and an excruciating need for approval. Now, instead of being driven by hard goals and lifeless quotas at all costs, Allison has an unconventional and connected practice where delicious and thought-provoking conversations are more centered around meeting yourself deeply to establish a greater sense of self-trust - something that even the most successful of women are not feeling enough of. She helps her clients compassionately work with emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that are a natural but often bypassed part of our human selves.

Allison's global clientele consists of soul-centered, high achievers - and often “recovering over-achievers.” They are small business owners, leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs, authors, bold artists, and even a few executives who are feeling the rub of doing life the way they were told they SHOULD... and who are ready to explore remembering who they were before they got lost - and living a created life instead of a life of obligation and constriction.

Allison helps her clients overcome fears, increase their satisfaction in life and work, navigate big changes, earn more money, and cultivate fully expressed and successful life and work. Teaching, speaking, or coaching, Allison is always sure to toss in a bit of humor, and can't help but bring her professional consultant-self to the table, but ultimately, she specializes in deep inner work, accessing self & intuition, followed up with courageous and creative inspired action.

Listen to her Podcast:  The Better Life Better Work Show at

And, get your free values clarification workbook at

Julie Owen MoylanProfile Photo

Julie Owen Moylan

Author - That Green Eyed Girl

Julie Owen Moylan was born in Cardiff and has worked in a variety of jobs from trainee hairdresser and chip shop attendant at sixteen to business management consultant and college lecturer in her thirties. She then returned to education to complete her Master's degree in Film before going on to complete a further Master's degree in Creative Writing. Julie is an alumna of the Faber Academy's Writing a Novel course. She lives in Cardiff with her husband and two cats.

Her debut novel THAT GREEN-EYED GIRL will be released in May 2022 and is currently available to pre-order from all good bookshops.

Dr Karen Darke MBEProfile Photo

Dr Karen Darke MBE

Paralympic Gold Medallist

Karen could be described as a modern-day ‘Alchemist’: a learning & development specialist turned mindset-heartset coach, explorer, athlete, speaker and author, Karen’s purpose is about helping individuals and organisations ‘Find Inner Gold’: turning challenge into opportunity, turning ‘mud’ into ‘gold’. Karen started out as a geologist researching gold in the Bolivian Andes, but a life-changing accident that left her paralysed led her away from being a ‘rock-doctor’ to winning Paralympic gold in the sport of Paralympic hand-cycling in Rio 2016.  It was the 79th medal for Britain, and 79 being the elemental number for Gold led to Karen creating Quest 79. The project has Karen cycling 7 continents in 9 iconic rides, raising £79K for Spinal Injuries and encouraging many people to step out of their comfort zones and discover passion, purpose, strength and other aspects of their ‘inner gold’. 

She is a Guinness World Record holder for landspeed by armpower, has skied across icecaps, kayaked at extreme latitudes of the planet, and hand-cycled across the world’s biggest mountain ranges and alongside some of the longest rivers. These experiences combined with unique studies of mind, resilience and performance have led to helping people view life as an adventure, and to embrace all its’ experiences as opportunities to learn and grow. Karen has extensively studied what goes on ‘inside’:  the power of the mind and language to positively impact emotions; improving presence, performance and wellbeing.

Alison JonesProfile Photo

Alison Jones

Founder - Practical Inspiration Publishing

Alison Jones is founder of Practical Inspiration Publishing, a pioneering publishing partner for businesses, and host of The Extraordinary Business Book Club, a podcast and community for writers and readers of extraordinary business books.

A veteran of the publishing industry, she worked for 25 years with leading companies such as Chambers, Oxford University Press and Macmillan (as Publisher and then Director of Innovation Strategy at Palgrave Macmillan).

She regularly speaks and blogs on the publishing industry, is on the board of the Independent Publishers Guild and Head Judge of the Business Book Awards. She has written and edited several books, most recently This Book Means Business (2018).