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Sept. 30, 2022

#063: Being Brave - The Season Four Heartbeats

#063: Being Brave - The Season Four Heartbeats

Season Finale: What we learned about being brave.

Looking back on Season Four, if there is one thing that the Women on a Mission have in common, it’s bravery. It’s easy to think that if our mission is enormous we personally need to be one million percent braver to fulfil it, but throughout these interviews we repeatedly see the value that just being a little braver can achieve.

Especially if those around us choose to be a little braver too!

As I look back over the season, there really was something for everyone:

  • Caroline Strawson on realising that no-one is coming and breaking free from hidden shame (Ep 49 & 50)
  • Vivienne Porritt OBE on how being even 10% braver can create significant change and increase your impact (Ep 51 & 52)
  • Alisoun Mackenzie on getting off the train of expectation and living a meaningful life (Ep 53 & 54)
  • Dr Emma Yhnell on challenging traditional perspectives and creating meaningful connection (Ep 55 & 56)
  • Jane Duncan Rogers on making difficult conversations easier and surrendering to our calling (Ep 57 & 58)
  • Ali Bulman on the recovery of adult social care (post pandemic) and the real role of leaders in making an impact for the most vulnerable in society (Ep 59 & 60)
  • Jess Baker on being a super-helper and the personal impact when you can’t stop helping (Ep 61 & 62)
  • Sue Revell (that’s me!) on not just fitting in when you should be standing out! (Bonus Ep 1-3)

In the sharing of our stories and experiences, we encourage other women on a mission to do and BE more when all is going well, and we inspire others in those moments where we simply need to keep going too.  Whether you are short on time, new to the podcast, or would simply enjoy a recap on the rich learning we have heard from each guest, this summary of Season Four is for you!

And if you need any additional incentive to listen, this episode also announces the PRIZEWINNERS for our first birthday giveaway in September 2022. What a fantastic way to round out the season and also to celebrate International Podcast Day!


Sue is on a mission to STOP women playing small so that they can create the legacy they want to leave in the world.  With over 30 years coaching and leadership experience, Sue loves nothing more than disrupting the unhelpful thinking that often holds women back, so that they can think, dream and BE bigger in leading the change they want to see.  Coaching internationally, Sue’s clients are primarily world-changing women who want to lead with confidence, increase their impact and live a life that matters.


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The I Gotta Be Me Experience with Sue Revell

Caroline StrawsonProfile Photo

Caroline Strawson

Trauma Informed Coach & Therapist

Caroline Strawson is a multi award winning ICF Accredited Trauma Informed Coach and Therapist and founder of CPD Accredited School of Embodied Trauma Informed Living. She uses a unique integration of brain-body based therapies such as Brainspotting, Internal Family Systems, EMDR, Hypnotherapy, breath work and positive psychology and specialises in narcissistic and domestic abuse with the wounds that are unseen.

Having been in a narcissistic marriage culminating in over $100,000 debt and losing her family home, Caroline was diagnosed with complex PTSD, depression, anxiety and self harm. She hit rock bottom and is now driven to support, educate and inspire others to overcome narcissistic abuse after completely turning her own life around.

She is #1 best selling author of Divorce Became My Superpower, host of #1 iTunes podcast with over 1 million downloads, The Narcissistic Trauma Recovery Podcast.

She has appeared on national television, newspapers,Magazines and Radio and supports thousands with her deep nervous system healing programmes to help them step into post traumatic growth.

Jess BakerProfile Photo

Jess Baker

Psychologist | Coach | Author

I’m Jess Baker, a Chartered Business Psychologist, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and Women’s Leadership Coach (CPsychol AFBPsS).

For the past 20 years I’ve been working in the areas of leadership and wellbeing with individuals and global organisations.

And . . . drum roll please . . . I’ve just written my first book, The Super-Helper Syndrome: A Survival Guide for Compassionate People (hardback, Sept 29th, with Flint Books). It’s already available to pre-order - see the Amazon link below. You can also pre-order from a list of online booksellers, use Book Depository for orders outside the UK, and you can join the FREE Book Club - just click here:

I started my career in healthcare before specialising in business psychology. I regularly deliver wellbeing webinars from my loft in Shropshire to global audiences of up to 15,000 people. As well being an award-winning coach for my private 1:1 sessions, I run online programmes. Over a thousand women have been through Tame Your Inner Critic. A course that helps people overcome the inner critic, one of my oldest friends!

You can also find me live on stage speaking at conferences and festivals. You can read my commissioned articles on wellbeing at work in AB global business magazine. And I’m often asked to comment on leadership, psychology at work and mental health for a range of magazines, newspapers as well as live on national radio.

As an expert on the wellbeing of helpers I offer my services on a voluntary basis to a number of UK and global charities. Closer to home, I’m co-founder of Ludlow Women’s Hub, a supportive group for women in business across the Welsh Marches.

You can find my free workbooks and other courses here:

Vivienne Porritt OBEProfile Photo

Vivienne Porritt OBE

Co-Founder & Strategic Lead @WomenEd

Vivienne Porritt, OBE, is a leadership consultant supporting school and trust leaders with vision, strategy, professional learning and development, and impact evaluation.

Vivienne is, joyously, one of the Co-founders and Global Strategic Leaders of WomenEd, a community that empowers aspiring and existing women leaders in education. Vivienne is also Vice President of the Chartered College of Teaching, a Non-Exec Board Member of Captiva Learning Ltd and a member of FED Advisory Council and the Eko Trust as well as the Chair of the Strategic Board for the North London Teaching School Hub.

Previously, Vivienne was a secondary headteacher and Director for School Partnerships at UCL Institute of Education. She writes for TES and academic journals and is co-editor of 10% Braver: Inspiring Women to Lead Education (Sage, 2019) and Being 10% Braver (Corwin, 2021).

Alisoun MackenzieProfile Photo

Alisoun Mackenzie

Meaningful Life Guide, Author, & Coach

Often described as one of the most authentic, compassionate, and inspiring people you can meet, Alisoun is on a mission to empower women in their midlife years and beyond to live their best life and make a difference in the world. Alisoun’s talks, training, coaching, mentoring, best-selling books, and podcasts have favorably changed the good fortune of thousands of people worldwide. She’s really proud of the humanitarian work she did with genocide survivors in Rwanda, to be sponsoring the world’s first earthquake-resistant schools built from recycled plastic blocks in Asia, and to have run one of the UK’s first Business for Good Conferences in 2019. She loves travelling and enjoying life by the sea in southeast Scotland.

Dr Emma YhnellProfile Photo

Dr Emma Yhnell

Senior Lecturer & Science Communicator

Dr Emma Yhnell is an award-winning science communicator and senior lecturer based at Cardiff University. Emma is a respected academic who has built a reputation for her ability to untangle the academically technical and translate it into entertaining, relevant and accessible content.

As a first generation academic, she sees it as her aim to change the typical image of academia, to make science more open, honest and fun.

She is a writer and regular contributor to local radio and television as well as a commentator for the Science Media Centre.

Emma is passionate about sharing her knowledge and changing the minds of people who nervously think ‘science isn’t for me.’

Jane Duncan RogersProfile Photo

Jane Duncan Rogers

CEO - Before I Go Solutions CIC

Award winning coach Jane Duncan Rogers, was devastated when her husband died in 2011. But after her first book was published, Gifted By Grief, she founded Before I Go Solutions®, which offers training in End of Life Plan Facilitation, helping others to plan ahead for the inevitable, & find relief, reassurance, and peace of mind.

Ali BulmanProfile Photo

Ali Bulman

Strategic Director for Care & Wellbeing

Ali is the Strategic Director for Care and Wellbeing in Cornwall Council and the first public sector leader to join me on the show.

Ali is on a mission to recover and re-set Adult Social Care services in Cornwall, while continuing her overall career mission to overcome the challenges and obstacles that get in the way of delivering for local residents – a daily challenge for public sector leaders in general.