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Dec. 22, 2022

#074: Looking back on "Infertility: It's Time to Talk" with Andrea Byrne

#074: Looking back on

Insights: Taking time to be quiet too.

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Normalising a conversation is a curious thing. Part of us wants to talk more, listen more and experience the healing power of not being alone in our experience.  Another part of us doesn’t know if we’re ready for what that might mean. What if it’s not just our story to share? Or we’re not in the right time or place to cope with the response?

In last week’s interview (#073) I talked to ITV presenter and host of the Making Babies podcast, Andrea Byrne. During our conversation she shared the story of her mission to tackle the stigma around infertility and how, when she was unable to give voice to her own story, she was inspired by the people who were sharing when she couldn’t.

Looking back on our conversation, in this week’s episode I explore the power of sharing when the time is right, and reflect on what we can learn from the three simple strategies that Andrea used to resist the pressure, stay safe and prepare for the time when it was her turn to speak out and lead her mission.

If you’re looking for permission to pause, recharge and reset, this week’s Insights episode is for you.



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Episode 73: Infertility: It’s Time to Talk with Andrea Byrne

Andrea ByrneProfile Photo

Andrea Byrne

ITV Newscaster, Presenter & Podcaster

Andrea Byrne is one of the faces of ITV News. She anchors the BAFTA award-winning daily
news programme Wales at Six, as well as ITV’s national bulletins.

This has included ITV Weekend News, Lunchtime News, Evening News and
News at Ten. Securing one of the first solo interviews with Prince Harry is amongst her broadcast highlights.

Andrea also presents the current affairs programme Wales This Week and presents her own fertility podcast ‘Making Babies’.

She is an ambassador for ‘The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme’; a Trustee for the organ donation charity ‘Believe’ and a Non-Executive Director for Hockey Wales.

Andrea is married to Wales and Lions legend Lee Byrne. She is passionate about wellbeing and pioneered the introduction of Mental Health First Aiders in ITV’s newsrooms.

Away from the newsroom, she is a keen yogi, a novice stand-up paddle-boarder and a budding novelist!

To watch Andrea's TEDx talk, click on the YouTube link below.