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April 8, 2022

Episode 37: If Not Now, When? with Karen Haller

Episode 37: If Not Now, When? with Karen Haller

Taking the road less travelled.

Putting your head above the parapet isn’t an easy to thing to do. Especially if, despite your very best efforts, you’re not getting any traction.  Imagine trying to start your new career, in a subject area that no-one really understands, and then a global recession hits.

Many of us would have given up. Even her chosen mentors told her it was time to give in and get a job. But instead of giving up, Karen Haller dug in even deeper. It was more than just following her heart, Karen committed to doing the deep, personal, inner work that enabled her to keep going.

Such was the strength of her personal belief in her mission, that she spent eight years allowing herself to fall forward. Doing the inner work that enabled her to find the resilience and determination to keep believing when no-one else believed what she knew to be true.

Every knock back pushed Karen to do more and be better.

Every heckle pushed her to hone her message more distinctly.

Every tear made her push harder through frustration.

Every no helped her find her inner YES!

Karen Haller went on to become the leading global expert in the field of Behavioural Design & Colour Psychology with a book translated into 14 languages (so far!). In this week’s episode she shares how she went from sheer terror of public speaking to now being an internationally renowned keynote speaker.  Her story is an inspiration to anyone who has ever been tempted to walk away, inviting us instead to walk the road less travelled and do the deep inner work that builds resilience, determination and commitment in answering our calling.




Sue is on a mission to STOP women playing small so that they can create the legacy they want to leave in the world.  With over 30 years coaching and leadership experience, Sue loves nothing more than disrupting the unhelpful thinking that often holds women back, so that they can think, dream and BE bigger in leading the change they want to see.  Coaching internationally, Sue’s clients are primarily world-changing women who want to lead with confidence, increase their impact and live a life that matters.


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Karen HallerProfile Photo

Karen Haller

Behavioural Design Consultant

Based in the UK (originally from Sydney, Australia) Karen Haller FRSA, is the leading global expert in the field of Behavioural Design & Colour Psychology. She helps businesses & design professionals to use colour and design to improve well-being, support mental health and create positive change in the world.

Karen consults and collaborates with companies looking for innovative solutions to social problems who seek new ways of improving the human experience in balance with nature. Her clients have included Rockfon, Samsung, Dove, M&S, Salt of the Earth, Huawei and Fiat.

She has also helped hundreds of design professionals around the world to deepen their knowledge of colour through her sought-after colour and design psychology courses.

Karen is the bestselling author of The Little Book of Colour, translated to date in 14 languages and a contributing author for the Colour Design Theories and Applications as well as being an in-demand media commentator and international speaker.

Her mission is to raise awareness of how colour can transform our lives, allowing us to connect back to our authentic self, where did that as a person a brand or the spaces where we live and work.

In her free time, Karen enjoys adventure travels, exploring new cultures and being in nature.

Karen can be contacted via her websites:
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