Runner Up: Listener's Choice Award, Podcasting for Business Awards 2022
March 4, 2022

Episode 31: Being More - The Season Two Heartbeats

Episode 31: Being More - The Season Two Heartbeats

Season Finale: What we learned about being more.

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Sometimes we don’t yet know the detail of our calling, we just know we’re here for ‘more’, and we heard a lot about ‘more’ in Season Two.  It was a common theme, running through many interviews, as each guest shared their own unique experience of being called to do and be more, in their mission. For some guests, it called into question who they are; for others, there was a sense of looking to the future and how they want to be remembered as a result of the mission they have been chosen to fulfil.

As I look back over the season, there really was something for everyone:

  • Catherine Watkin on how we know if we are a Woman on a Mission
  • Dr Liz O’Riordan on legacy and rebuilding her very life purpose
  • Suzanne Dibble on the ripples of impact we unknowingly create
  • Dr Maggie Landes on stepping out from the crowd when you know you’re here to do ‘more’
  • Emma Barnes on refusing to countenance failure and taking one step at a time
  • Tara Newman on turning struggle into strength by putting mission before money; and
  • Karen Laos on finding her way to freedom so that others can find their voice

In the sharing of our stories and experiences, we encourage other women on a mission to do and BE more when all is going well, and we inspire others in those moments where we simply need to keep going too.



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Karen LaosProfile Photo

Karen Laos

Founder & CEO - Karen Laos Consulting

Based in San Francisco, Karen Laos is a former corporate leader turned professional speaker specializing in communication. She is fiercely committed to equipping women in business to speak with clarity and stand out with unshakable confidence.

Over her 20+ year career, she has gained rave reviews from clients such as NASA, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Sephora, AT&T, Levi’s and United Healthcare.

She got her start in human resources at Gap Inc and then found her passion for corporate training at Decker Communications, where she led a team of facilitators and traveled the globe consulting professionals on their communication skills. After 14 years, she left Decker to pursue her entrepreneurial dream (and hasn’t looked back!).

Her mission is to eradicate self-doubt so women can stop holding back and start taking their seat at the table. One of the ways she does this is through her podcast: Ignite Your Confidence with Karen Laos.

Tara NewmanProfile Photo

Tara Newman

Founder & CEO - Bold Profit Academy

Tara is the founder and CEO of the Bold Profit Academy where she teaches service-based business owners how to sell premium services and programmes without the emotional stress of launching, worrying about ad, overwhelming social strategies or complex funnels. Tara hosts a weekly podcast called the Bold Money Revolution and has been featured in publications like Money Magazine, Yahoo Finance and Huffington Post as well as other publications and podcasts.

She earned her Master’s in Organisational Psychology from Hofstra University, has over 20 years experience, is a certified Profit First Professional and holds an advanced level Reiki certification. Everything she teaches incorporates Energy, Mindset and Strategy as a framework for resilience and results.

Listen to Tara's podcast, The Bold Money Revolution, on your podcast platform of choice.

Emma BarnesProfile Photo

Emma Barnes

Founder - Consonance Publishing

Emma Barnes is a publisher, programmer and activist on a mission to eradicate menial drudge-work from the jobs of people in book publishing. She founded and runs, and, whose technical literacy initiatives include, and

Contact Emma at:

Consonance Publishing Management:
Snowbooks Ltd (independent publishing):
Make Our Book (children’s publishing):

Dr Maggie LandesProfile Photo

Dr Maggie Landes

Physician, Nutritionist & Changemaker

Based in Texas, Dr Maggie Landes is a board-certified physician, public health nutritionist and anti-diet wellness expert.  She created her signature getEATfluenced coaching program to help women who are exasperated with chronic dieting, be able to fix their food overwhelm and live a full and unrestricted life, pursuing their own version of health without the distraction of rigid eating behaviour.  She is also the creator and host of “The Eatfluencer Podcast” where she and her guests dig into the mindset work required to construct a healthy, complete and high-quality life unlimited by the oppression of diet culture.

You can listen to The Eatfluencer Podcast at:

Suzanne DibbleProfile Photo

Suzanne Dibble

Founder - Small Business Legal Academy

Suzanne Dibble LLB, CIPP/E is a former Mergers & Acquisitions lawyer at a top global law firm and was nominated by Richard Branson for the Solicitor of the Year Award. She is a multi-award-winning business lawyer who created an award-winning course and membership site, the Small Business Legal Academy, that has helped tens of thousands of online businesses protect themselves legally and put all contracts in place easily and affordably.

Suzanne is the author of the best-selling GDPR for Dummies and is a regular media commentator and international speaker.

In her free time, Suzanne enjoys travelling with her family in her campervan and working out with her personal trainer.

Dr Liz O'RiordanProfile Photo

Dr Liz O'Riordan

International Speaker, Author

Dr Liz O’Riordan is an author, broadcaster and international speaker. In 2015 she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer whilst working as a consultant breast surgeon. She returned to work after chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy but in 2018 she had a locoregional recurrence on her chest wall. Side effects of treatment meant that she could no longer operate.

She co-wrote The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer with Professor Trisha Greenhalgh and is a powerful patient advocate and is passionate about educating health care professionals about what life is really like after a cancer diagnosis. She has just  launched a podcast called Don’t Ignore The Elephant where she talks about the things no-one else talks about with patients, like sex, exercise and death.

Catherine WatkinProfile Photo

Catherine Watkin

Heart-centred Sales Expert

Catherine Watkin is the UK’s leading expert in authentic and heart-centred sales.

After a highly successful 20+ year career in sales Catherine now works with business owners who are gifted and passionate about what they do but struggle in business because they feel awkward about using traditional sales methods. She teaches them how to sell in a way that feels authentic and comfortable – so they can grow a great business while still feeling true to their values.

Catherine is an authentic and inspiring role model for how it is possible to create a successful business without resorting to sleazy or manipulative sales and marketing techniques.