Runner Up: Listener's Choice Award, Podcasting for Business Awards 2022
Jan. 7, 2022

Episode 23: I'm Not Done! with Dr Maggie Landes

Episode 23: I'm Not Done! with Dr Maggie Landes

Creating your true legacy.

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When you shuffle off this mortal coil, what would you prefer to be remembered for?  Your restaurant choices and changing room battles, or the legacy you created to make a real difference?
Realising she wasn’t ‘done’ changed everything for Maggie Landes MD. She stepped out from the crowd and into her dis-comfort zone, where the rewards of creating an impact far outweighed the risks of doing and being something different. In this episode, she shares her conviction that every woman is influential and worthy and how, by empowering ourselves to have confidence and control of our thinking, we can joyfully and purposefully show our value to the world.

And if, as you listen, you find yourself wondering whether or not you’re done?  Chances are the answer is found in your mission and not your clothes size.  We’ll talk more about this in the Insights episode next week, but if this episode has made you think about where you are in your mission, go to and download a free copy of Your Mission Matters – my guide to evaluating and planning your mission.



Sue is on a mission to STOP women playing small so that they can create the legacy they want to leave in the world.  With over 30 years coaching and leadership experience, Sue loves nothing more than disrupting the unhelpful thinking that often holds women back, so that they can think, dream and BE bigger in leading the change they want to see.  Coaching internationally, Sue’s clients are primarily world-changing women who want to lead with confidence, increase their impact and live a life that matters.



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Dr Maggie LandesProfile Photo

Dr Maggie Landes

Physician, Nutritionist & Changemaker

Based in Texas, Dr Maggie Landes is a board-certified physician, public health nutritionist and anti-diet wellness expert.  She created her signature getEATfluenced coaching program to help women who are exasperated with chronic dieting, be able to fix their food overwhelm and live a full and unrestricted life, pursuing their own version of health without the distraction of rigid eating behaviour.  She is also the creator and host of “The Eatfluencer Podcast” where she and her guests dig into the mindset work required to construct a healthy, complete and high-quality life unlimited by the oppression of diet culture.

You can listen to The Eatfluencer Podcast at: