Runner Up: Listener's Choice Award, Podcasting for Business Awards 2022
Sept. 30, 2021

Episode 08: Looking back on "Why more isn't better" with Allison Crow (Insights)

Episode 08: Looking back on

Insights: Our job in human-ing.

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The dance between ego and learning can leave us feeling highly vulnerable when it comes to sharing who we are and learning how to be more.

This solo minisode reflects on some of the lessons from my conversation with Allison Crow (Episode 07) and explores how releasing judgement, fear and ego helps us learn to be more of who we really are.

Allison CrowProfile Photo

Allison Crow

Life & Self Leadership Coach

Allison Crow, M.Ed, is a Life and Self-Leadership coach for authentic and ambitious women. She has been teaching, speaking, and coaching in one form or another since the mid-90s.

For years, she was a hard-lined performance and sales coach motivated by outside forces and an excruciating need for approval. Now, instead of being driven by hard goals and lifeless quotas at all costs, Allison has an unconventional and connected practice where delicious and thought-provoking conversations are more centered around meeting yourself deeply to establish a greater sense of self-trust - something that even the most successful of women are not feeling enough of. She helps her clients compassionately work with emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that are a natural but often bypassed part of our human selves.

Allison's global clientele consists of soul-centered, high achievers - and often “recovering over-achievers.” They are small business owners, leaders, coaches, entrepreneurs, authors, bold artists, and even a few executives who are feeling the rub of doing life the way they were told they SHOULD... and who are ready to explore remembering who they were before they got lost - and living a created life instead of a life of obligation and constriction.

Allison helps her clients overcome fears, increase their satisfaction in life and work, navigate big changes, earn more money, and cultivate fully expressed and successful life and work. Teaching, speaking, or coaching, Allison is always sure to toss in a bit of humor, and can't help but bring her professional consultant-self to the table, but ultimately, she specializes in deep inner work, accessing self & intuition, followed up with courageous and creative inspired action.

Listen to her Podcast:  The Better Life Better Work Show at

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