Runner Up: Listener's Choice Award, Podcasting for Business Awards 2022
Sept. 8, 2021

Episode 04: Looking back on “Inner Gold - the best medal of all" with Paralympian Dr Karen Darke (Insights)

Episode 04: Looking back on “Inner Gold - the best medal of all

Insights: Focusing on the journey.

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If we only focus on what we need to do, we hone down on measurables like goals and tasks and outcomes.  When we focus on who we need to BE, we catch the vision of our limitless potential… our true inner gold.

This solo minisode reflects on some of the lessons from Dr Karen Darke (Episode 03) and, in particular, explores how much more we learn about ourselves when we focus on the journey rather than the destination.

Dr Karen Darke MBEProfile Photo

Dr Karen Darke MBE

Paralympic Gold Medallist

Karen could be described as a modern-day ‘Alchemist’: a learning & development specialist turned mindset-heartset coach, explorer, athlete, speaker and author, Karen’s purpose is about helping individuals and organisations ‘Find Inner Gold’: turning challenge into opportunity, turning ‘mud’ into ‘gold’. Karen started out as a geologist researching gold in the Bolivian Andes, but a life-changing accident that left her paralysed led her away from being a ‘rock-doctor’ to winning Paralympic gold in the sport of Paralympic hand-cycling in Rio 2016.  It was the 79th medal for Britain, and 79 being the elemental number for Gold led to Karen creating Quest 79. The project has Karen cycling 7 continents in 9 iconic rides, raising £79K for Spinal Injuries and encouraging many people to step out of their comfort zones and discover passion, purpose, strength and other aspects of their ‘inner gold’. 

She is a Guinness World Record holder for landspeed by armpower, has skied across icecaps, kayaked at extreme latitudes of the planet, and hand-cycled across the world’s biggest mountain ranges and alongside some of the longest rivers. These experiences combined with unique studies of mind, resilience and performance have led to helping people view life as an adventure, and to embrace all its’ experiences as opportunities to learn and grow. Karen has extensively studied what goes on ‘inside’:  the power of the mind and language to positively impact emotions; improving presence, performance and wellbeing.